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LGBT Therapist

It’s important that you have a comfortable experience with us. Our program is led by an LGBT therapist. This helps with a sense of belonging and support. The program was developed because our provider found a need in the St. Louis community. People just like you are hurting, and they don’t have many places to turn to for help. Our counselor has over 20 years of experience working with a broad scope of people — providing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender therapy. In no other program will you have such a chance at success for yourself.

Group Therapy

It’s a place where people can understand and lift each other up. A place for you to be safe, heard, validated, and eventually challenged. It’s not just a transgender or gay support group. Everyone in the program has a goal and plan to move forward. And that goal is to eventually leave as a happier and more fulfilled person than when they started. It’s for those who are done fighting with themselves, and with their own interests. If you’ve never experienced counseling in a group setting, then you’re missing out on just how powerful it can be. In group, you have the opportunity for life-changing results while having the chance to impact the lives of your peers.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Group treatment doesn’t mean losing site of you as an individual. Your treatment plan is yours alone. Your stated goal determines what action you take toward improving your life. This isn’t just about the problem or diagnosis you’re facing. It’s what the problem means to YOU. How it negatively impacts your life. That’s the difference between a “pill mill” psychiatrist and the community-driven program we’ve developed. Understand that it will require you to put in the effort. We can’t work harder than you do at this. But you will receive the continued support you need to get where you want to go.

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